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Chitrangda Singh Recommends Cardiobased Exercises For Women For a Toned Physique


Chitrangda Singh is not a size zero but has one of the most desirable bodies. She owes it to doing things in equal measure

Of the many enviable beauties in Bollywood, very few match up to the sultry allure of Chitrangda Singh. This 35-year-old mother of one has a slender, well-toned frame. Her mantra for a fit mind and body isn’t out of the ordinary. She sticks to a typical diet and exercise routine, and steers clear of new-age crash diets. She isn’t a fitness junkie and won’t be found sweating it out in a gym three hours a day.

She exercises four times a week, with gaps for weeks while she’s travelling or shooting. Chitrangada explains, “I’m not an exercise junkie but definitely an enthusiast. I like to try out different combinations of aerobics and cardio exercises for a wellrounded workout. I’m not fanatical about a regimen or schedule. I try to be regular and dedicated and when I have a project, I like to get into shape for it, but it happens over a course of a few months, on and off.”


“Thanks to my Army background, my father made sure we were involved in some sort of sports. He would wake us up in the wee hours and we’d head out for tennis or a jog, but my favourite was always swimming. My dream body is not a skeletal size zero but a beautifully toned swimmer’s or diver’s body.” Always a bit of a plump child, Singh didn’t really consider her weight an issue until modelling came her way. “I wasn’t fat but I was plump,” she says. “Once I started working, it was required of me to maintain a fit body. When I started work on Hazaron Khwaishen…, I realised my body needed a slight do-over. It didn’t bother me but I knew I had to get into shape.” There hasn’t been a substantial difference in weight since then, she has come down to 55 kg from 57-58 kg. “The drop in dress sizes has been more drastic, I used to be a UK 8 or 10 and am now UK 6,” she says. For Desi Boyz, she had to wear a lot of fitted dresses. “This didn’t require me to lose weight, but sculpting was important. Arms became a high priority,” she says. Her stamina has increased substantially. “Earlier, I used to take many breaks on the treadmill, but now I can go on for 30 minutes continously,” she says.


After wrapping up Desi Boyz, Singh’s trainer Promod Dadlani, designed a workout to target problem areas. The regimen lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. Dadlani gives cardiobased exercises that last 40 minutes and include running, cycling or working on the cross trainer. “She gets bored easily, so I have come up with a range of exercises,” he explains. To avoid excessive muscle development, Singh trains with minimum weights but keeps a high repetition cycle — about 30 to 40 reps per exercise.

They focus on upper thighs and calf muscles. “These are my problem areas. I like to have shapely legs,” she says. “The impact of low weight-high repetition is higher for my body type and it’s got the result I was expecting. Women don’t have a high musculature so to maintain a toned physique, cardiobased exercises work well.”


Chitrangda chalks in a workout first thing in the morning, so it’s essential to get her pressure up and running before strenuous exercises. A jog for 10-15 minutes or cycling, or substituting either for a cross trainer does the job. She also does basic stretching exercises with one or two sets of light weights on her legs to warm up.


The average duration of cardio is 40 to 50 minutes. “We also work on individual areas such as the upper body, triceps, biceps, back, hips and legs. Squats, lunges, step-ups, legpress, leg-extensions, and legcurls are great for the lower body. She does these with weights and 30 to 40 repetitions,” says Dadlani.
» Squats and lunges with 30 kg.
» Step-ups with 10 kg.
» Leg press, extensions and curls for toning hamstrings with about 75 kg.
» For upper body and arms, 3 kg dumbbells suffice.
» Cool down is a few stretches to make sure the body isn’t sore later.

Dadlani insists on correct posture while performing squats. Do not bend your back forward as you squat. Also, hip and leg should be at a 90 degree angle from each other at all times.


Never a foodie, now more than ever, Singh keeps a tab on what she eats. High on protein and low on fat, her diet consists of fish, lean meat, fruits and nuts. “For breakfast,” she says. “I usually have an egg white sandwich, oats or nuts. I love fish so I have it grilled with vegetables and with bajra roti, brown rice or bread for lunch and dinner. After workouts, I snack on fruits, Oreo shakes or Twix bars. I indulge in my favourite fried eggs and bacon once a week.”

Omega 3 fatty acids oils are healthy, so she has a steady consumption of nuts and olive oil. Singh has five meals a day — three big meals and two snacks — at three-hour intervals.

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