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Want Marilyn Monroe’s Killer Body- Her Diet and Exercise Secrets Revealed

She had one of the most famous bodies of all time – and women have coveted her curves ever since. But just how did Marilyn Monroe achieve her perfect hourglass figure?

Marilyn Monroe’s Diet

Unlike today’s celebs who seem to go from one fad diet to the next, Marilyn Monroe’s diet seemed pretty sensible. One of her supermarket receipts showed a healthy mix of fruit, veg, protein and carbohydrates – as well as one or two treats.

  • She bought artichokes, eggs, cucumber, radishes, cheddar cheese, corn-on-the-cob, strawberries, endive, steaks, milk, lamb chops and chicken.
  • She also had some English muffins and strawberry jam.
  • Her diet was fairly controlled though and she tended to work around a set menu every day.
  • Her food was simple and wholesome and she often cooked for herself.
  • Breakfast: A typical day would start with orange juice and two slices of white toast with butter.
  • Lunch: Lunch included two tablespoons of cottage cheese and a baked potato.
  • Dinner: For dinner she would eat some lean meat, either a lamb chop, chicken or roast beef, with a potato ‘any way but fried’ and vegetables.
  • Between meals the actress had a cup of milk and perhaps a cracker.
  • She finished the day with a glass of eggnog.


    Marilyn was ahead of her time when it came to working out. She got up early and went for jogs around her Los Angeles neighbourhood before coming home to lift dumb-bells to tone her arms. Marilyn also enjoyed dancing and was only too aware that as well as helping her have fun, exercising helped to maintain her amazing body.
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