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Kajol Spills: 7 Secrets To Be a Stunning Mom

Kajol secretly knows what it means to be good, better, best in the beauty department. From being a #1 Bollywood actress to becoming a mom and getting back in shape, Kajol has managed to look prettier with every passing milestone. This got us curious about her beauty secrets and how she manages to multi-task. Here's dishing out some inspiration from the mommy-on-the-go.

1. Believe in yourself: Kajol says, "I started believing that I am beautiful. I also started accepting compliments and taking care of myself. I think that has worked."

2. Exercise: Like every person striving hard to look pretty, Kajol too does it all. She shares, "I do my workouts on time. Gym, weights, eating healthy, drinking eight glasses of water and washing my face three times a day, I do it all!"

3. Don't push too hard: But what amazes us is the fact that she does it all given her hectic schedule and two young kids. "I don't do it every day. I try to follow a daily regime, but if I can't do it, I don't. I forgive myself for it. There are good days and then there are bad days which are horrible," reveals the actress.

4. Accept the bad days: She advises everyone to accept a bad day and move on. She adds, "We will have better days. You can't let anything affect you. Take everything with a pinch of salt."

5. Do what you like: On bad days Kajol spends a lot of time alone. Even after she puts the kids to sleep, she prefers to just sit up and read a good book or watch some TV and do her knitting and just spend time alone. Even a long relaxing bath does the trick. She says, "I like my solitude and enjoy my own company with nobody to talk to or interact with. I think that's also very necessary. The alone time helps me be a better person because that's food and time for my soul."

6. Indulge occasionally: Even though Kajol follows a strict diet routine and aims to eat healthy at all times, she is a foodie by heart and cannot give up on her love for dishes like Aloo ke Parathe, Raan (mutton dish) and Biryani. But the one thing that cheers her up is her Ghee, Roti and Gudd (Jaggery). She excitedly shares, "It is my absolute favourite. For days when I can't handle dieting and work and feel like it's the end of the world this is what keeps me alive."

7. Be motivated: A self motivated person who has worked hard, Kajol has days when she is up by 5 AM doing her workouts, getting her kids ready for school, going out for work and getting back late in the evening, but she has no complains. She believes, "I like the fact that I can micromanage my life and spend time with my family, so that they don't feel left out."

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