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Treading Too Hard: Over-Exercising Has Taken its Toll on Bipasha’s Knee

Bipasha Basu has taken her fitness regimen too far. She has apparently overdone her workout, running 10 km at a stretch on the treadmill. So much so that she has developed a knee problem. However, the professional that she is she not just continued her shooting schedule, but also went ahead to shoot a dance number for Yashraj’s Bachna Ae Haseeno, continuously for four days, with the help of a physiotherapist.

Says a source present on the sets, “We were shooting at the Yashraj Studio for a special song featured on Bipasha where she is shown performing on stage. Ahmed Khan had planned some unusual sequences for a dance number where there were a lot of leg movements and involved some acrobatics too. However, Bipasha had some knee problem, which made the otherwise deft dancer a bit uneasy while performing. So much so that a special physiotherapist was appointed who spent the day on the sets to treat the actress for four days till they finished shooting that particular song.”

Bipasha plays the lead opposite Ranbir along with three other actresses in the film. Adds the source, “After giving the shot, the actress would rush to the physiotherapist (appointed for her, on the sets) for treatment. This happened every day as long as the shoot of the song was on. A few of the steps were even changed for her. The song has been shot on a lavish scale, and hence dancers (10 boys and 30 girls) from London were specially flown in.”

Says the source, “Bipasha’s knees were so bad that even her mother and sister dropped by to visit her and check on how she was coping. Apparently, she had done some rigorous workouts running 10 kms continuously on the treadmill that resulted in the pain in her knees. But now she is taking it easy.”

When contacted, choreographer Ahmed Khan says, “There was a bit of a health issue with Bipasha but she coped really well.”

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