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I Burn Calories by Dancing 2 Hours Daily Says Shweta Bharadwaj

My workout regime

I don’t workout in a gym. Till date, I’ve never taken any membership of any gym. But I dance a lot. I also do yoga which involves suryanamaskars and meditation. I’m a person who is always active, doing something or the other. I can’t sit in one place. I am extremely hyperactive. I put on music, and just go on dancing in my house. I also attend dance classes every day for two hours. It doesn’t matter what type of dance — I just have to dance. So much so that I even conduct dancing classes for children living in the same apartment complex. I believe that size zero is not something one should look forward to achieve. One needs to enjoy life, be excited about life and put one’s energy into everything you do to stay physically fit. That’s my fitness mantra.

My daily diet

I eat a lot and I eat everything under the sun. I eat butter paranthas, rice, drink juices, etc. I have three heavy meals in a day and sometimes four to five meals in a day. Whenever I go to my hometown, Delhi, I put on weight after gorging on the delicious food there, but then I dance to stay in shape. I love gulab jamuns and even spicy foods. I don’t eat any fruits but drink a lot of fruit juices. I party every day and burn the calories by dancing.

My happiness quotient

I’m a happy person. But yes, I do get into those bad moods once in a while and retail therapy helps me come out of it. My friends also know that they have to spend money to make me happy while taking me out for shopping when I’m in a bad mood and they also know that they can’t make me happy by giving me just flowers.

My idea of relaxation

Every alternate day, I love to go for a body massage, it could be a head massage, back massage or it could even be reflexology. I’m a very active person and so I am stressed about a lot of things and hence these massages help me to destress.

My favourite cuisine

I binge on
Gulab jamuns.

What I would do if I had to put on or lose weight in a hurry?
If I had to lose, I guess I would dance a lot more and maybe try different forms of dancing but I am not sure how I would have to put on in a hurry.

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