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Kangna Ranaut's Trainer Leena Mogre Talks About the Actor's Routine

Kangana Ranaut Working out at Leena Mogre's Gym

From Fashion to Kites, actor Kangna Ranaut has always slipped into varied roles with ease. We ask her trainer Leena Mogre, what is Kangana's Fitness Regime and how she swings her curves...

Five years and a national award later, Kangna Ranaut’s journey in filmdom is taking her to new heights. The actor has swung her weight and curves too, in a bid to look stunning/battered/curvy… whatever her roles have demanded. Having been training at Leena Mogre’s fitness center well before her Fashion days, we asked Mogre herself on how the svelte actor has shaped up over the past two-three roles.


“Kangna is an ectomorph, which means it’s difficult for her to gain weight,” Mogre says. “She’s anyway never required a drastic weight loss/gain regimen for any of her roles. In Fashion, she perfected the ultra-trimmed look. Next was her training for Kites, in which she plays a salsa dancer,” she adds.

For the saucy salsa look, Leena and Kangna had to work on getting the latter’s curves back. “We had to tone her up in nearly three months of training. She worked on her butt and calves, as also her flexibility — to be able to dance well — and she ended up looking fab,” Mogre says. Hrithik Roshan too, reportedly, is impressed with the new look Kangna.


The once waif-thin actor is now playing a cop in a film currently under production. Hence, she has to shed all her curves and sexiness for a slightly tough look. “Her shoulders and upper body had to look well-built, and her face needed to look tougher. We put her on a high-protein diet which chiselled her jaw line,” Leena shares.
How exactly did she work out then? Here goes…

DAY 1:


• German set — 10 sets, 10 reps
• Squats, push ups, pull ups
• 20 min fartlek running

DAY 2:

• Kick Boxing — 45 mins
• Full body stretching followed by a 20-minute hill-training on elliptical

DAY 3:

• Complete rest. Helps the muscles recuperate.

DAY 4:

• Athletic sprint/speed workout — 30 minutes of sprinting drills and hurdle training
• 20 minutes of ab workout, external obliques and lower back exercises

DAY 5:

• Power yoga — 45 mins. To improve posture and balance.
• Meditation — 10 mins.

DAY 6:

• PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training to improve muscular endurance and build up stamina or ‘turbulence training’ (to tone up and gain muscle or endurance to lose fat).


Porridge and egg white omelette

Mid morning:
Fruit plate and protein shake

Sabji/salad, grilled chicken, rotis, dal and rice

Brown bread with egg white sandwich

Same as lunch but soup instead of roti.

“Proteins cannot be absorbed without the necessary carbohydrates. Hence, Kangna’s instructor and I put together a diet regimen which would ensure she has enough carbs,” Mogre explains, adding, “Similarly, since she wanted to build muscle, she couldn’t have done without substantial food and moderate fat. Any kind of extreme dieting was a no-no.”

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