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Sonam Kapoor's Seven Hair Care Tips

Sonam Kapoor: The Girl With The Beautiful Hair

1-Eat healthy, have multivitamin and cod liver oil capsules and use L’Oreal. It is the best hair treatment.

2-Almond hair oil is the best to use. Use Elvive shampoo and conditioner by L’Oreal according to your hair type. Comb only after drying.

3-Protect hair with sun block and if one has dry hair, then apply leave-in conditioner to the ends.

4-Keep in mind your face cut, thickness of hair, height and build, and of course, your style quotient while going for a haircut/hairstyle change.

5-Colouring/ straightening/ perming hair permanently is completely possible with the right products and hair care.

6-Accessorise your hair with hair bands, jewels, combs, braids or beads.

7-My secret: I always plait my hair before sleeping. That's the best way to avoid breaking the hair.


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