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Shilpa Shetty Launches a New Weight Loss Programme Called 'Inch Loss Wrap' at her Spa, Iosis

Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty and Cosmetologist Kiran Bawa demonstrated the unique Inch Loss Wrap (ILW) system introduced by their spa IOSIS MediSpa. IOSIS is the only spa in India, which will offer this non-invasive service at their centers in Khar, Ghatkopar and Andheri.

Shilpa Shetty at the Launch of 'Inch Loss Wrap' at her spa, Iosis, on Thursday, 8th July 2010.

Shilpa informs “During my travels abroad, I came across this unique system of inch loss, which impressed me no end. Having tried it myself, I was amazed at the results and resolved to introduce it in India. The system was combined with our existing weight loss program, and a study was conducted on its efficacy. After suitable R&D, The Inch Loss Wrap was soft launched at the Khar and Ghatkopar centres of IOSIS. The results have been phenomenal and we are very proud to offer it to our esteemed clientele.”

Dr. Sushant Shetty, COO – IOSIS Medispa adds, “The wrap is scientifically proven and absolutely safe for the Body. The Inch Loss Wrap is all about draining the toxins that are accumulated in our body for a long time. Toxins are usually the metabolic waste generated by the body. These toxins build up over a long period and are stored in interstitial fluid between the fat cells. Due to accumulation of these toxins the person looks fatter. The ILW does not alter fat cells i.e. there is no breakdown of fat cells. It reduces the size of the fat cells and thus brings about an inch loss. It must be clearly understood that this wrap does not induce a weight loss but only an inch loss. When combined with an appropriate weight loss program, the end results are mind boggling.

“Bandages soaked in a special solution are wrapped around the body for 60 min. Toxins in the body are attracted to this solution. The interstitial fluid gets repealed and only the toxins get attracted. As the toxins are removed from the interstitial fluid, the fat cells get compacted. We assure a minimum 6 inch loss (from head to toe) in one session; these results will remain for a month as long as the weight is maintained,” concludes Dr. Shetty.

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