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Neha Desai's Diet and Exercise Regime

TV ACTOR NEHA DESAI who has been seen in a number of TV serials is very particular about her fitness. She loves to workout in the gym whenever she has free time at hand.

She shares her fitness regime:

Gym gyaan

I have been working out rigorously for the past five years or so. I hit the gym at least five days a week. I train specific body parts like chest, shoulders, triceps, back and biceps, legs, abs on different days. As I am already slim, I don’t need any cardio workout.

Also it’s easier to tone my muscles, which is what I concentrate on.

Weighty issue

Genetically, I am quite thin.But since I have a high metabolic rate, I have to balance my workout with my daily food intake. Also, my weight has been stable throughout. I don’t have a tendency to put on kilos. If I don’t work out regularly, I tend to lose weight.

So, I need to exercise to stay healthy.

My diet Regime

  • I start my morning with a huge glass of warm water, followed by tea with ginger ( I do not compromise on my first tea for the day).

  • It is followed with a heavy breakfast, which could be a brown bread sandwich ( with lettuce, cucumber, cheese) or Poha / Upma, oats or fruits on somedays with protein shake.

  • Lunch is normally roti, sabzi, dal and achaar.

  • In the evenings, I have a protein bar or fruits or Maggie.

  • My dinner is similar to my lunch.
  • I drink around three litres of water every day. I try to drink as much water as I can. It's good for my skin and keeps my body hydrated.

  • Chilling out

    I love listening to music. I always have my music on me.

    It helps me cut off from people whenever I want to and be in my own zone. Reading novels, watching films and chilling out with my friends also helps me unwind.

    Sometimes, just a drive is enough to end the day on a good note.

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