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Sarah Jane Dias Works Out at Least 3 Times a Week

‘I listen to my body’ ...says Sarah Jane Dias, who doesn’t overeat despite food being a weakness


I try to squeeze in enough time to workout at least three times a week. A mix of cardio and strength training are a must for my body type. I also try to include yoga at least a couple of times a week. It is like an internal work out as well. Just to mix things and keep my work out interesting, I do boxing and kickboxing as well sometimes.


My weight is pretty much under control but I find that if I do put on weight, it tends to be around my stomach and hips. Stomach and hips are areas that require nothing but cardio exercises, so that’s what I tend to focus on for these areas. I find boxing and kickboxing extremely effective for these areas.


I’m not really one to show off, but I would count on my legs as my strength. I’m not fanatical about my weight, but it definitely is important to me. Being fit and healthy is far more important than being skinny.


I am a non- vegetarian, but I eat good amounts of fruits and vegetables. I don’t have any particular diet that I follow, I eat almost everything, but am just careful about the quantity. Food is a weakness but I listen to my body and don’t overeat.

Ideal celeb body (male) Dino Morea because he’s not too bulky, not too lean, just right.

Ideal celeb body (female) Bipasha Basu for sure! She has an extremely toned, fit, yet feminine body.

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