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John Abraham’s Fitness Trainer Speaks

Body type:
"John is blessed with a good physique. He possesses an athletic body. He used to play football and basketball during his school and college days. And his sincere efforts towards body-building give him a 'Perfect 10 Physique," Khabib says.

On Training John:
According to Khatib, John is very supportive and does everything that’s been asked of him. "He is a good learner as well as a sincere student. In the last four years, I never felt that I am training a Bollywood star. In fact, he also continues his health routine whenever he goes out for shooting," says Khatib.

Fitness Routine:
His daily fitness schedule is rigorous and really effective. "Every day he works out for two-three hours. His daily workout includes weight lifting and kickboxing sessions. He even goes regularly to gym and does his cardio-exercises," adds Khatib.

As far as John's diet is concerned this is what his trainer had to say: "He is very health conscious and he is a pure vegetarian. For his diet, we consult his dietician and nutrition experts. He doesn't take any extra supplements."

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