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I Find it healthier to have smaller meals through the day - Sameera Reddy

I try to eat on time and sleep on time. I skip aerated drinks, have lots of fruits, a healthy vegetarian lunch and a high protein dinner between 8-9 pm. I include lots of salads and veggies in my diet.

Diet Routine

I only eat fruits for breakfast, especially papayas and pears. No tea or coffee for me. I drink Soya milk. I drink Vera juice as it detoxifies your body.

Afternoons I normally have a healthy vegetarian lunch. I eat two roti with vegetables and green salad. But Occasionally I have boiled chicken, a light salad, and any vegetable but cooked without oil for lunch.

Evening Snack
Late in the evening I again eat a little fruit, a bowl of sprouts, sunflower seeds and lots of nuts.

At night I have green chicken and some protein foods to give me strength. A high protein dinner between 8-9 pm. Some times for dinner, I prefer grilled fish and salad or any juice like mosambi or carrot juice
"Since the body's metabolism slows down, it's better not to eat later than 9 PM"

I do not binge. I used to, but not anymore. Even if I did, I’ll eat healthy food like lots of pickle and roti.

I also find it healthier to have smaller meals through the day rather than having two heavy meals. I smoke very occasionally.But when it comes to food, once a week I let myself go and eat whatever I want to."

Favourite Food
My favourite is Japanese dish – Sushi that has raw fish in cooked rice. But my most favourite thing in the world is ‘dosa’

Diet Tips From Sameera Reddy
Food intakeI strongly believe that you look what you eat. I am too much of a diet conscious person. I always carry my tiffin and eat only home made food. I don’t eat chapatti also. Instead I prefer to have ‘Pesurotte’. It’s a Telegu dish, a kind of roti made of ‘moong’ paste which is cooked on a nonstick pan and is very healthy for the body. I am not too much of a non -vegetarian person also. I have lots of vegetables and salads. I love aachar (pickles) but I can’t have it every day. As for my favourite thing in the world , it is ‘dosa’ which also I get to have only rarely.

Say no to - I never drink because my body is allergic to alcoholic stuff. Even if I take one drink, I am sure I will puke. Even too much of oil and spice in food makes me feel sick. I avoid mustard oil too. I never gorge on out side food / ‘road ka khaana’ even when I am shooting.

I avoid bread since it is fattening. My mantra is: just train your tummy to consume only 75 percent of its capacity and not 100 percent.

Sweet temptations
When I was a child, I used to be quite fat. I was a chocolate and pastry freak. Not anymore though.
A home remedy for readers.
When ever I have acidity I drink straight nimbu (lemon) juice without water. Strangely people think it adds acidity but actually cuts it down.
A Quick Recipe for the readers.
I usually cook idli, dosa and chatni. My favourite is moong bhel (sprout bhel). Just throw in some moong, cut some onion, tomato, some meetha sauce and chatni and then mix it. You have a healthy chaat in 5 mins.

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