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‘Sleep Is The Best Form of Rejuvenation!’ - Amit Jain

My exercise regime

I workout regularly and keep trying to change my routine. Earlier, I was into weight training, now I’m more into stretching and dancing. I try to stir up my regime by doing some yoga, kickboxing, or by playing a sport. Any physical activity that gets you to tone your body is good. Fitness is not just about getting a particular size or shape but should make you feel good.

My diet

When at home, I eat everything except deep fried and packaged foods. I make it a point to avoid oily snacks like samosas and kachoris. I think chocolate is a great energy booster and there’s nothing wrong in having a bar once in a while. A good way to keep healthy is to look for fat-free alternatives like skim-milk. Indulging in a scoop of ice-cream occasionally is fine, too, as long as it’s not after a heavy dinner. I usually have a high protein diet for building muscles. I make it a point to eat five to six small meals.

My happiness quotient

I love to read, watch films or even dance. I ensure that I only do things that make me happy. Freestyle Bollywood dancing is lots of fun and helps to loosen up body tension. I just let my body flow to the music.

My idea of relaxation

Listening to music is relaxing for me. But the best thing is to sleep and sleep some more. Too many people are sleep-deprived in this city. It’s the best form of rejuvenation!

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