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Bipasha Basu Shares Her Healthy Living Fundas

"No size zero for me, Curves are hotter than a flat body," says sexy siren Bipasha Basu. Riding high on the success of her fitness video (Get Details Here >>), this Bollywood diva is marching ahead with her message of healthy living. Bips speaks to CS about holistic living and why size zero is a no-no:

Whole and soul
We live in an age where we make too many demands from ourselves. All of us want fabulous careers, great relationships and a jet-set lifestyle, but the quest for all these things takes a toll on you. At times, we are very harsh on ourselves. I want to tell people to accept themselves as they are, and enhance their strengths. And staying in good health is one of the basics to a successful fulfilling life.

No shortcuts here
I feel very sad when I hear that young girls are opting for fad diets or blindly crash dieting. Just spending hours at the gym doesn't guarantee you complete fitness. A fit body is one that goes beyond biceps. You need to eat healthy, workout properly and be happy to achieve complete fitness. I see so many young girls who look so worn out just because of an improper diet and crazy workouts.

Why size zero?
Well, size zero is a western concept, which is not relevant in India. Size zero means someone who is petite or of a small size. It is not related to fitness. By normal standards, a young girl of 13-14 can be size zero. It's very tough for an older woman to look size zero without looking anorexic. And who likes an anorexic looking woman? Indian men love a fuller body with a nice shape. Curves are hotter than a flat body.

Mind over matter
Fitness is not only about the body. Mental and emotional fitness is as important. I am a very contented person. I make sure that I don't let stress affect me. Whenever I am feeling low, I hit the gym, go for a run or do yoga. It helps release all the pressure. The next thing I want to learn is scuba diving.

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