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Lara Launches 'Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta' DVD For Yoga During Pregnancy

The yummy mummy Lara Dutta recently launched her Prenatal Yoga DVD. The program 'Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta' has been conceived and developed by Lara who an avid yoga practitioner and Tonia Clark - an expert Prenatal Yoga instructor.

Prenatal Yoga is a powerful tool for to-be Mothers. It caters to the need of a pregnant woman as her body undergoes various changes during this period. In the prenatal program a pregnant women utilizes easy Asanas and positions that naturally create more space within the womb for the growing baby.
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It encourages mind - body harmony, creates deep relaxation and rejuvenation, and prepares a woman for the process of labour and delivery. Often pregnancy brings with it a period of inactivity and lethargy, not to mention a host of fluctuating emotions... Lara Dutta's Prenatal Yoga program, which has been specially designed for all 3 trimesters will help you counter this by keeping you fit and active, and more over in a happy positive frame of mind - Buy The DVD Now >>

Wholistic in it's approach, Lara Dutta's Prenatal Yoga program run you through the relevance and benefits of prenatal yoga and then takes you through a 'do-it-along' 30 minute yoga routine, guided meditation series and labour oriented endurance exercises called keep-ups.

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Video: Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta - A Promo
Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the 8 month pregnant Lara Dutta performing her yoga poses and exercises. Lara also Talks About Her Prenatal Yoga Program.

Pictures of Lara Dutta Performing The Various Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy

Buy "Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta" DVD For Rs 265/- From >>


Buy "Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta" DVD From >>

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