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Imran Khan's Food for Thought

Imran can't binge

Teen craze Imran Khan is not a big eater. But the flavour of 2008 can cook a simple meal. A self-confessed healthy eater, this slim youngster steers clear of sweets and colas. Talk about self-restraint!

Imran Khan's Diet Routine

I eat: Non-vegetarian food but I am not a fussy eater, I eat everything.

My morning begins:
Early, generally around 7:30 am. I begin my day with cold milk with some chocolate in it.

If I have breakfast:
It's generally omlette.

For lunch I have:
Dal, chawal, vegetables and chicken. When I go to a shoot I carry my lunch. A must-have for lunch is chicken; I need the proteins because I tend to lose weight very quickly.
My favourite vegetable is: Baingan ka bharta.

My dinnertime:
Varies because I have no idea when I'll return from the shoot. My dinner is the same as my lunch.

I like to sip: Water, a lot of it.

In the evening I eat: A roll or a frankie or a sandwich. I like to eat a chicken tikka roll. I am a very healthy eater.

My fitness regime:
Currently because I am doing an action film I work out. Aamir (Khan) has his own gym and I go there around five-six times a week for about two hours.

Food Habits
I am allergic to: Nothing but I hate dahi. I just never ate it so I guess I don't like it.

Bhel Puri has: A childhood memory for me because my mom and I would always eat it together.

When I am shooting I always carry: Lunch and dinner. I carry home food because set food is very oily. I also carry fruits. My favourite fruit is kharbooja.

In my fridge you will always find: Milk.

Sunday lunch is: Nothing special, it's always the same.

Nobody in my family Cooks. We have a cook who makes very good baingan bharta.

I can cook: Dal and chawal. I can also make a really good chilly con carne.

My best dining friend is: Avantika. We like to go to Don Giovanni.

My comfort food is: Dal-chawal.

In food stuff I can't resist buying: The ingredients for what I am planning to cook. I am not an impulsive buyer.

I feel guilty about: Nothing. I don't eat sweets and I don't even drink soft drinks. As I said unhealthy things are not for me.

I am from Mumbai: And I love vada pav. I pick it from any street where it's available.

My idea of a romantic meal: When I'm out for dinner I focus so much on the food that it's not really a romantic affair. I don't talk or anything.

My favourite restaurants are: Don Giovanni and Caravan Serai.

My favourite cuisines are: Mexican, but we don't get Mexican food in India. I have spent a lot of time in California where the Mexican food is good. I don't like Tex Mex, it's horrible. It's Americanised Mexican. I would rather go to places with authentic Mexican. I also like Indian food and sushi.

I relish: Gujarati food. I have a friend who is a Gujarati and I love the food at his place. I don't know the name of the dishes, there is karela stuffed with maida and khatti meethi dal.

My favourite spice is: Green chilly. I like it a lot.

My favourite kitchen appliance is: A standard frying pan because it's versatile.

My favourite beverage is: Fruit juice.

My favourite poison is: Beer.

My favourite fruits: I don't really like fruits but I make it a point to eat them.
I feel fruits: Don't really have a personality.

I am not a: Dessert person. Unlike some people, I don't crave sweets. I like dark chocolates though.

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