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Vivek Oberoi De-Stresses By Spending Time at The Beach

Vivek oberoi spends half an hour at the beach every morning with his pet dogs Duke and Ivy.

His time at the Beach:

Beaches are absolutely amazing in the mornings, empty, beautiful, serine and calm. The sound of the ocean fills you with so much peace. You just need to sit down and take your all in, it’s the most amazing feeling, this is my most favorite place to be. If I am really tired or am worried about something or stressed about something, this is where I come to spend some time. Once I am here, everything seems fine, it just calms me down, puts me in this whole zen like state, the whole feeling like Budddha kind of thing. I grew up on the beach, playing cricket, volleyball and other sport.

Walking on sand does a lot of things, it does a lot to stabilize your muscles because you are working against an undulated surface, so it gives you that much more focus on your supporting muscles on your core muscles, they will stabilize and keep you solid.

On his Pets:

They are the reason I am at the beach every morning. They actually run with me or rather I run behind them. While going they pull me, while coming I pull them back.

About the Gym:

I think Gym is important. If you want to sculpt your body according to how you want to look in a film for a character, then Gym is a good idea. But there is nothing like back to nature, there is nothing like the beach, the ocean.

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