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Remedies To Remove Sun Tan


While a tan may be attractive for some, for others it's just one of the dreaded hazards of summer. Though most of us douse ourselves with sunscreen before stepping out, a sun tan invariably sets in. Besides, darkening our complexion, it can also cause skin cancer by destroying the skin cells.

For those who are stuck with a stubborn tan, here are some quick fix Methods to Remove Sun Tan and Burns:

- “Apply pure sandalwood paste on your face 10- 15 minutes before you go for a shower. It's very soothing and works wonders for your complexion,” says Asha Hariharan of Beyond the Fringe Salons and Spas.

- Prepare a mixture of besan ( gram flour) and rose water and apply it on the affected area. Leave it till it dries and wash it off with lukewarm water.

- Apply a paste of papaya, cream and sugar on the tanned area before bathing to get rid of the tan.

- Mix the juices of tomato and cucumber and apply it on your face on a daily basis to remove tans.

- “Grate cucumber and strain the juice in a bowl. Add some grated potatoes to it and spread it evenly over your face. This will brighten the skin and erase the tan”

- Mix sugar with the juice of a lemon. Add a little glycerin to it. Scrub the affected area with this mixture in a gentle circular motion. This will help get rid of the tan and soften the skin.

- Take a few teaspoons of hot coconuts oil, add 1 to 2 pieces of camphor and apply to the affected area every night before going to bed. You can also make a paste of sandalwood powder mixed with coconut oil and almond oil. Apply the paste on the exposed area and leave it for some time before washing off with cold water.

- Include items like lettuce, cucumber, radish, broccoli, tomatoes and other leafy vegetables in your diet. They will protect your skin from tanning.

- But the best way to avoid tans, is to use a good sunblock ranging from SPF 15 to 35, depending on the number of hours you spend outdoors.

Say no to tans

􀀗 Use a mixture of lime juice and glycerin. This also helps remove freckles and pigmentation spots
􀀗 Use Aloe Vera gel over a sunburn or a tan
􀀗 Use caladryl if you get skin rash due to sunburn
􀀗 To lighten a tan, use a mixture of curd and lime 10 minutes before bathing. This acts as a natural skin bleaching agent
􀀗 Take 1tsp of milk powder,½ tsp of sandalwood powder, ½ tsp of limejuice and add a few drops of honey. Make a paste and use this pack twice a week for 10 minutes
􀀗 Use of foundation and compact also helps to protect against a tan

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